In full Spring

It's starting to hot up here in the Hawke's Bay. It can't hot up fast enough for me as I'm impatient to see the flowers start to bloom. I always find Spring to be quite short lived here in the Bay. I started this, my first full season, with anemones then came the bulbs, narcissi, daffs, muscari, bluebells and of course the stately tulips. We had a little break away during the school holidays and I missed the best of my delicious tulips! Friends who were looking after the place kept sending texts telling me how beautiful they looked! I planted them in the Dahlia Walk - the idea being they'd pop up in Spring and die back just as the dahlias were revving up. Here it is in all it's glory and a little past it in some cases. Next year I'll apply a mulch before they pop up so the Walk will look immaculate!

Managed to get a few tulips into delicious posies for the flower cart but sadly the delectable angelique tulips were too blown to last in a vase. I did enjoy their blowsy, cushion-y loveliness in the field though. Just delightful.

These are a peony tulip and next year I'll have a lot more to play with.

Loved being able to use bluebells in the mix. The other stalwart of the cut flower garden in early spring is the humble icelandic poppy.

They're an endless source of fascination to me with their tight, hairy drooping buds that suddenly straighten, crack open and poof! Out pop crinkly petals bit by bit opening to an enormous, generous bloom! I managed to capture quite a few at the cracking stage and pop them into bouquets. A bit of theatrical magic within the vase!

And then of course the Wildflower Meadow has been ever so slowly coming to life.....

Early spring brings yellows, oranges and purple fading to blues, pinks and purple as the cornflowers pop up. Then the bright red stains of the stately poppies fading to whites and pinks as the scabiosa come into their own in high summer. This is the third year for this Wildflower Meadow and it's re sown itself so well. However I will be adding more seed next year to top it up and introduce more varieties. If you want to find out more about sowing a Wildflower Meadow and my top flower picks then book a spot on my Wild Flower Posy making Workshop here.

And finally, the Flower Cart has been gaining momentum this season. I've had lots of material to work with and I set up a work station by the cart which works well unless it rains! Love meeting my customers and hearing about where the posies will be going; sometimes a new baby or a house warming sometimes a birthday or a thank you and sometimes just because. Love it.

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