Summertime and the Flowers are growing...

The temperatures have been creep, creep, creeping up as we hit the start of summer. To the Flower Farmer this means that a new cast of flowery characters are beginning to elbow their way to centre stage.

I distinclty remember drooling over photos of zinnias in the seed catalogues last winter. There's something about these simple, daisy like flowers that bring a smile to my face. I love them muddled together in a vase. A riot of clashing colours and joie de vive.

Cosmos is beginning to bloom. This flower is so generous sending out flower after flower with beautiful frondy foliage.I'm impatiently waiting for Cosmos Double Click to make an appearance. I've planted shades of cranberry, rose and cream - sound edible don't they?! Unlike their single variety cousins these ones have frilly pom pom heads. Very racy. The photo above shows Cosmos Yellow Garden March 2015. I was initially disappointed with this variety but as the season drew to a close it performed like a trouper! Flower Farmers need troupers as the days shorten. Doesn't it look a picture with the orange dahlia Embrace?

The newbie dahlias are settling into their new home imaginatively named The Dahlia Walk. Mean and moody Arabian Knight.....

....and ice cream parlour Peaches are my far..... These are new tubers so they'll take some time to get established. However, I have high hopes....

Dahlia Cafe au Lait has returned with aplomb (always a bit of a risk leaving tubers in the ground over winter but I like to live on the edge).The photo was taken in February 2015 when a few were picked to adorn a bride's bouquet.

Apparantly it is one of the most requested dahlias for weddings and you can see why. Other new delights include achillea summer berries, godetia, and sunflowers....

New flower growth also, of course, means new weed growth. Always an ongoing battle. Other prosaic but essential tasks indclude adding irrigation to the ever expanding Field Beds. I quickly realised that the Cutting Garden wasn't going to be big enough so commandeered a couple of the beds in the Figgery. The Great Thing about this is that they will be netted so protected from the dastardly pukekoes in early Spring when they are at their most mischievious.

MyFlowerCart has recently taken on a new worker. My new form of transport, Tabitha, has been a delight! Until the irrigaiton is complete I hop on and cycle from Tap A to Tap B to Tap C..... makes it a lot more fun!

Not much on the cart at the moment as I'm busy making Teacher Thank you posies. Even made a couple for some lucky and well deserving piano teachers.

Got all festive with some red gingham ribbon for this weeks Maina table flowers. There's something about red gingham ribbon that just makes everything much more festive and sparkly. A hint of pineapple mint, some ladies mantle, white wildflower meadow scabious and shiny, glowing red hypericum berries made the perfect jam jar posy.

Christmas in a jam jar don't you think?!

I was thrilled to be asked for some edible flowers this week. If you read my Fig Tree blog you'll know that I have a soft spot for vege gardening and also love growing herbs and edible flowers. A chef wanted a sample of my edible flowers for a demo. Delighted to offer up some flowering thyme, borage, calendular and heartsease. What a feast!

Finally my latest corporate flowers were a riot of herbs and meadow flowers including scabious, feverfew, flowering mint, nigella seed pods (love those aubergine stripes), lady's mantle and cerise snapdragons. If your place of work could do with some Flowery Goodness do get in contact.

So phone, email or FB me for your flowery needs and help fulfil a flower's ultimate destiny - to be enjoyed in a vase!

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