The First Month

It's been a whole month since I launched My Flower Cart and it's been....well....lots of things; busy, a whirlwind, challenging, an eye opener. All of those things and more. I always knew that growing flowers from seed, harvesting them, conditioning them and finally creating posies from them was going to challenge me both creatively and in terms of time management! It's surprising how much I can squeeze into a day!

It feels as if this Spring has been particularly cold and wet with the odd scorcher of a day thrown in. One minute in wellies and raincoat sowing seeds and the next in flip flops and t shirt sowing seeds (always sowing seeds!!!) Watching the garden unfold over the weeks has been particularly fascinating this year not least because I have been on the constant hunt for material! I've found myself noticing little changes as plants begin to bud and then explode. No plant explodes more spectacularly than the evocative red poppy. I've been known to spend many a happy few minutes observing their nodding heads, cutting a few and seeing how long it takes them to open. Sadly, not a good enough vase life for a posy though. Best enjoyed en mass in the meadow.

Despite the fluctuating temps the flowers have soldiered on and I've had a huge array to choose from. It's hard to choose my favourite but the stately larkspur has stolen the show in many a posy.

The flowers below include some Larkspur, snapdragons, anemones and were destined for the tables at Maina Cafe.

When I'm fiddling around with the flowers at Maina I often get asked what the flowers in the vases are. The larkspur and nigella and cerinthe seem to draw a lot of attention to themselves. I suppose it's because they're not often seen or even grown? I love these little chats with fellow like minded flower enthusiasts!

I've had a few chats with some of the lovely folk who have stopped to buy flowers from the Flower Cart too. Many just love the varieties on offer (very different from the supermarket), many comment on the beautiful scent of the flowers (especially the sweet peas). Sadly though some have decided that it's ok to just take the flowers without paying. Someone even broke the lock on the first weekend. I know. Tragic isn't it? So to those who have been honest and supportive a huge, heartfelt Thank You! You made my day and restored my faith in humankind! However, I have to be a realist and this does mean that I'll have to man the cart a bit more so will open just on Saturday mornings for the time being and will sell flowers at Maina on Saturdays too. The upside is I get to chat to more lovely flower enthusiasts! Every cloud and all that.......

I've been tickled pink to recieve phone calls from many lovely people wanting to order flowers to pick up during the week. Flowers for a farewell, flowers to cheer up a friend and flowers to take to a dinner party to name a few. So really I'm open all week! It's just all going on behind the scenes.

This little commission really warmed my heart. Someone ordered Table Flowers for a Very Special family lunch.

My brief was Romantic and to Pimp the Table! I upcycled some tins with brown paper, vintage lace and twine and had a merry old time using romantic roses, lady's mantle, mint and a multitude of others blooms. The scent was exquisite!

So, if you drive past My Flower Cart and think, "Oh shame! Looks like she isn't open today." just know that I am and I'm just a phone call away!

Right, the rain has eased off so I'd better get out there. Those sweet pea seedlings aren't going to plant themselves you know!!!

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