From small acorns big oaks grow...

Or in my case from tiny seeds big blooms grow. As it is with life in general, I found myself becoming a Flower Farmer by accident. I'm not even quite sure whether I can call myself a Flower Farmer but what I do know is that I can grow beautiful flowers and I love doing it. I've wanted a Cutting Garden for many, many years now but I began with a veggie patch and was quite content with growing tomatoes, beans, lettuce and herbs. Then a large area of space was created when we ripped out some apple trees and my dreams started to grow legs and come alive again and the possibilities of creating a space dedicated to flowers began to take shape. It was quite a big space so I indulged a few more of my dreams and planted up a Nuttery, a herb garden and a wildflower meadow. Just like that (I wish it was as easy as it sounds)! It took a long time to cultivate these spaces and there is still a long way to go but one of the wonderful outcomes of these endeavours was the beginnings of a small, sustainable business with flowers.

Kiwi popsicle

MyFlowerCart is as much a business as it is a lifestyle. There's no denying the fact that gardening is hard work and there are so many obstacles that can prevent your hopes and dreams from being realised (mainly the weather and the bugs). But, it's real, it's creative and working within the seasons makes sense to me. Join me on my journey for the official first year of MyFlowerCart.

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