Who, What and Why


My Flower Cart is a seasonal Flower Farm situated at 153 Te Mata Mangateretere Road, Hastings. We supply cut flowers to florists and event stylists and we supply buckets of cut flowers to customers for parties, weddings and events. We also create natural, whimsical style bouquets to order.

Our flowers begin with sweet peas, anemones, ranunculus and tulips in September through to dahlias and chrysanthemums in April and all the larkspurs, sunflowers and zinnias inbetween. You'll find lots of old fashioned favourites like asters, cornflowers and snapdragons all harvested from our Cutting Garden, Herb Garden, Nuttery and Wildflower Meadow so you are really getting something special and 100% New Zealand grown.


We don't keep regular shop hours so to order simply text Sarah on 0212455591 or email info@myflowercart.co.nz to order your flowers and arrange a pick up time or request delivery. We also sell bouquets at BP Havelock North and occasionally outside Maina cafe during high summer.

See Instagram or Facebook for up to date photos of our work